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How you can identify a Search Engine Penalty – Part 1
If you have ever opened your site analytics account and discovered a substantial and shocking decrease in search engine referral visitors, you know how devastating search engine penalties could be.  However, do not panic! Not every search engine penalty is permanent, and...
Construction of Search Engine-Friendly Web Pages – Part 2
Continued from Part 1.  Correct Heading Usage  There’s some debate to heading tag values (h1 to h6) in improving search engine ranks. The value might be small, yet I think having solid semantic markup of your information utilizing hx tags provides the...
New Link Building: Social Shares – Part 2
Continued from Part 1.  Goal 3 – Link with Authority Users  If amongst the biggest benefits to social networking includes the low communication barriers which permit you to reach out as well as link to prospective new followers, it’ll stand to reason...

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