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Local Search Marketing & Domination ServicesThe yellow pages have been replaced with Google Local Search. Are you prepared to unleash the intensity of local search marketing, as well as dominate Google’s place search? It is time that you cease in wasting your cash on yellow page ads! Like it or not, they are DEAD! Consumers looking for local companies in your area aren’t utilizing the yellow pages any longer!

Why will your company require top ranks in Google’s Place Search? The Google Place Search is better than the yellow pages, reaches far more individuals than your area paper, and provides prospective consumers lots of data concerning your company as needed.

Your consumers are searching Google’s Place Search to locate area businesses. Are you coming up on the front page of Google’s Place Search? If not, you are losing clients!

Coming up on the front page of Google’s Local Results for the proper keywords means a lot of money for your business. It’s the best small company marketing instrument ever invented, but eighty percent of your competitors aren’t even utilizing it! See the opportunities available? Our company’s Local Search Domination solution possesses a single objective…

Place your Local Business List upon the top of Google’s Search Local Results, as well as assist you in attracting more business! Our Local Search Domination Solution is made to place the Google local business listing in front of your top consumers as rapidly as probable. Even though we’ll make no guarantees, we’ve seen top listings begin to show up in under one week.

Here is how Google’s Local Search Domination Solution will work:

Keyword Research – Prior to us optimizing your business listing we’ll initially decide which keywords your top consumers are entering in the search engines to locate you. Not targeting the most lucrative keywords may cost your company a lot of money in lost sales.

Competition analysis – Then, we evaluate the level of competition in order to decide if it’s the ideal location to target. If it’s a very competitive keyword, we’ll search at additional keywords which gain excellent traffic, yet might permit you to gain the top spot. We’ll NEVER target low visitor keywords only to claim we got you to #1!

Develop a master list template especially for Google’s Place Search – Following you signing up, we’ll send you a questionnaire form to complete with every bit of the relevant information needed to place together a comprehensive list that includes, videos, logos, photos and coupons. Google puts a high value upon having a full completed listing.

Claim the business listing within Bing, Yahoo and Google – They’re the three major ones and you have to be here. Even though Google is the eight-hundred pound gorilla, Bing and Yahoo still gain substantial traffic and shouldn’t be ignored.

The method in which your listing is crafted has a huge impact as to if you possess any opportunity of appearing high within search results for your company’s keywords.

Dominate Directories Google searches all over the Web for citations from additional directories. The more citations possessed, the higher Google is going to rank you. Our company’s state-of-the-art submission solution permits us to insert your company listing over one-hundred yellow page directories, local directories, mobile phone directories, 411 directories, On star and GPS.

One year of monitoring, updates, and continual submissions. Things always are changing in the Internet realm. Google oftentimes changes the regulations. New directories spout up all of the time. Do not be concerned; we are on it. For one year we’ll observe your listings, make updates, as well as continuously submit you to newer directories.

Page 1 rankings upon Google’s Local Place Search will be attainable for all businesses – irrespective of budget or size!

We easily could charge $1,500 to $3,000 for our company’s Local Search Domination Solution. As a matter of fact, we’ve witnessed businesses that charge that much and are offering less than what Local Search Domination solutions does for you.

We wish for all small companies to benefit from our company’s Local Search Marketing!

Our effective and powerful solution is reasonable for any company and there isn’t any excuse for not getting inside the game and competing with the major leaguers for that leading Google position.

Google does not care how huge you are, or how much funds you possess. They just wish for the most relevant results. We understand what Google wishes for and we’ll give it to them!

Our company’s Local Search Domination solution will be your secret weapon, and you’re in the proper place at the proper time!

Place our Local Search Domination Solution Into Action Now! Our local search engine domination packages begin at just $795 a month. Contact us now at 1-800-940-8016.

Do you possess several locations? If you possess more than one company location, there’s a wrong way and a right way to perform this and get every company to show up within the search results.

As the agreement is signed and payment received, we’ll send you our business description template to finish. The process immediately starts following us receiving this business description form.

Once we’ve developed your business listing template we’ll send it out to you for your approval prior to us starting the process of submission.

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