+1) What makes SEOPad different or better than its competition?

Our SEM/SEO campaigns are comprehensive and tailored to accomplish your objectives. We’ll assign a level of difficulty to all keyword phrases you’d want to rank for and based upon this level of difficulty, we’ll assign an established number of deliverables needed to accomplish page-one rankings. Additionally, we’re one of the few SEM/SEO companies concentrated on tracking every metric and showing real ROI to our customers. We perform this via our account management system in which our customers could log in and see the progress of their project. It makes us fully accountable for results,while remaining transparent to our customers.

+2) What are SEOPad's core competencies?
  • Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay Per Click Marketing, also known as Paid Placement
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Website Redesign
+3) Do you have Refund Policy? What if I don't like your work?

Our goal is to provide high quality, professional service to all of our clients. If you’re not satisfied with our work, you can cancel anytime. Additionally If we are unable to achieve our performance guarantee, we will offer you 100% refund on the monthly charges.

Our complete refund policy is available at https://www.seopad.com/refund-policy/

+4) What's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO includes the process of optimizing a site via programming standards that are ideally agreeable and appropriate for the top search engines. By programming a site to become ‘optimized’ for the search engines, it’ll stand a better opportunity of ranking well upon the search engine results pages (SERPs). As a website is programmed/optimized to adhere to search engine optimization standards it has to be promoted via Internet marketing initiatives. Those initiatives might involve writing articles, blogs, press releases and developing backlinks. These ‘offsite’ effort will play an important part within the process of optimization, as it’ll assist in pushing rankings higher upon the search engine results pages.

+5) What's SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is commonly utilized while referring to online advertising or ‘paid placements.’ It’s different than search engine optimization, as in SEM you have to pay to display advertisements, links, banners, and so on, in order to obtain exposure. Paid placements usually cost a consumer per ‘ad click’ or advertisement impression.

+ 6) How will search engine optimization work? How do you get our site to the top of search engines?

It’s a two part process: Offsite and Onsite marketing.

Onsite marketing is also referred to as an ‘SEO tune-up’ stage. It’s where we’ll optimize; then reprogram a site to be ‘tuned’ for search engines to read. The whole search engine optimization campaign will be based upon keyword phrases therefore these phrases include the backbone of the whole campaign. We place a lot of effort into researching keywords in order for our customers to select phrases based upon statistical information like competitive websites and search volume. This phase is referred to as ‘on site’ due to the work being done on the actual site. The tune-up stage takes around four weeks for many sites and comprises of such things as Meta and title updates, keyword density insertions, header updates, sitemap creations, keyword based navigation systems, code clean up, keyword landing page creations, and much more.

Offsite marketing will mean all the marketing efforts which take place outside of the physical site. As a website is tuned up to search engine standards, it’s then important to start every offsite marketing initiative. Those initiatives will be what promote these individual keyword phrases, in order for when a user enters them into the search engines, the client’s website will show up. Every offsite marketing effort revolves around a client’s selected keyword phrases in which we embed them inside offsite articles, blogs, press releases, social networks, and backlinks. Each backlink which points to the client’s website will count as one vote to the search engines. The more votes the website receives, the higher the website is going to rank on the search engine results pages.

NOTATION: Search engine optimization includes a mixture of science and art. There isn’t any ‘secret’ or ‘perfect’ formula to get a website to the front page. We follow general guidelines the search engines establish, yet many of our strategies will come from experience, experimentation, and remaining educated and informed on what is occurring in the realm of Search.

+ 7) Can you guarantee rankings?

We offer performance guarantee based on the total keywords optimized for your website. We do not guarantee that a particular keyword would rank at a certain position or even rank at all. What we guarantee is that if at least a certain number of keywords are not ranked on “top 3”, “top10” or “top 20” positions within 7 months, we will offer you 100% refund on the monthly charges.

Additionally we will guarantee that all deliverables and deadlines are met. Natural search engine ranks are not sold and cannot be bought. Those SEO companies who claim that they can rank you at a certain rank for a certain keyword are not telling you the truth.

+8 ) How long is it going to take to reach the top of the search engines?

It ALL depends upon the keyword phrase. Generic phrases like ‘car dealers’ could take YEARS, while more niche phrase like ‘car dealers in Atlanta’ can take a couple of months. We could obtain page one rankings within 6 to 7 months for most phrases which are on the regional level, as well as granular in nature. We don’t provide solid guarantees of when we’ll accomplish page one rankings. While selecting a search engine optimization business, you have to research their previous credentials, results, and talk to their present clients.

+9) Once at the top, why will I need you? Will my website remain at the top?

Website listings don’t vanish overnight (typically), however there are several things to be done on a month-to-month basis to secure those top rankings, especially since SEO is relative and your competitors are trying hard to replace you on the top of search. Amongst the primary tasks we suggest is posting new content to our customer’s website every week. It’ll keep the website fresh and gives search engines reasons to come back to your website to index it. The more they return, the higher you’ll rank and secure your position. We’re consistently acquiring huge quantities of backlinks on a month-to-month basis through our white hat SEO process. If we stop doing this, ultimately, old backlinks will start dropping off, affecting your rankings. Additionally, bear in mind that if you aren’t creating fresh content and building backlinks on a day-to-day basis, your competition might be- and they could bump you out of this top spot. Top ranks are volatile and often can change.

+11) How much will SEM (PPC) cost?

We’ll charge a one-time fee of $500/engine to establish an advertisement campaign. Our charge to manage those campaigns is ten percent of a client’s month-to-month spending. For example: if the customer spends $5,000/month in click-traffic, our charge is $500 per month.

+12) Where is SEOPad located and how many employees do you have?

We’re Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and have over 150 employees and constantly are growing. Currently we employ people including content writers, keyword analysts, link builders, SEO experts, accounts managers,graphic artists, layout designers, project managers, sales managers, and various specialists such as System Admin. Our core Management team of industry professionals consists of MBAs, Engineers, Lawyers, Economists and Systems Operations Specialists representing diverse business backgrounds.

+13) How long has SEOPad been in business?

We possess experts who’ve been in the IT field for 15+ years. Our Principle company Web Design LLC was founded in 1997 and comprises largely of college educated pros with diverse backgrounds.Our management team runs several successful internet service businesses internationally.

+14) What type of industries or clients do you service?

We possess clients all around the board that range from the corporate housing field to lawyers to doctors to defensive driving to the video game tips. We don’t need to specialize within any one field due to the beauty of SEM/SEO having solid systems in place or ‘formula’ that could apply to all companies in all industries. We work with all types of clients from big corporations to individuals. We have clients all over the United States and even internationally.

+15) If I already have a site can you help me improve it for SEO?

Yes. We can usually redesign or freshen up an existing site quicker, and for less money than building one from scratch. Whether your company’s website “doesn’t look professional”, takes too long to load or the navigation is baffling to visitors, we can help.