3 Critical Elements of Web Localization for Companies – Part 1

A good understanding of localization now is very important for any business searching to travel within international markets.  No matter which service or product is being sold, it’s certain that it’ll face some stiff competition both from abroad and locally, which is the reason why localization – adapting and translating content for certain markets – is vital to gain an advantage. Accepting the vital importance of localization, let us take a closer look exactly at what this entails.


As vital as translating the business’ site’s content, adapting a location base appearance is important. The visual element is vital to forge a solid relationship with probable customers, and particularly given our differences and likenesses culturally. Therefore, businesses have to take care in selecting images which are both sensitive and appropriate for the targeted audience.

This screenshot here is taken from the McDonalds website in Japan. The difference is that there aren’t any Cokes or Big Macs – the selection of a chicken burger probably would seem unusual to many western viewers, yet in Japan it isn’t the case, in which many McDonalds’ consumers really prefer, shall we say ‘healthier’ choices.

It is vital that you bear in mind that the way the image is perceived by one certain audience will oftentimes will be different than amongst other audiences. Additionally, we must think about cultural appropriateness. Searching at an additional screenshot, taken from the website of Reebok in Japan, we see that sex sells inside Japan just as much as it will in the west, yet the approach hardly would be suitable for Middle Eastern countries, amongst a few other areas. Inappropriate, in a few societal circles, could be tantamount to company suicide.


While localizing a business site, it is additionally crucial that you bear in mind to take attention to detail, particularly regarding cultural sensitivities. The point is, think carefully concerning your images. They could make the difference in between success and calamity.

Design Aesthetics

Worldwide, things are taken care of differently, individuals possess different preferences, and therefore any business searching to engage itself has to learn to adapt.

Let us examine an additional example, this time Nestle, amongst the largest manufacturers of snack foods, drinks, and baby foods around the world. The U.S. version of Nestle’s site (here) is pretty much simple and clean cut.

Whereas in contrast, Japan’s version could not be starker – it is very cluttered, with a pish-posh of different headlines, videos and colors, and a ‘cutesy’ feel. 

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