An Additional Black Hat Business Caught Selling Links- Part 2

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 Fairness within Business

 Here is the part where it becomes more challenging. How is it possible for a small company to compete with a larger company which possesses deeper pockets? How could a business which does not possess the skill to compete for eyes discover a method of competing if for no other reason other than the means to do so, possess the capability of offering high quality services or products?

 That subject by itself can take up endless blog posts. Realistically, our society, whilst promoting fairness for several valid reasons, is based upon anthropologically based ideas such as survival of the fittest. This applies equally to a capitalist base business framework.

 Just because you possess a fantastic product or service doesn’t mean you possess the right to work upon the same playing field as a business that has more resources.

 As a Business Goes Too Far

 However sometimes, a few businesses go too far. They’ll take advantage of the basic principles I have touched on here. Understanding they could push the envelope of ‘reasonable implementation’ which every one of those principles entails.

 As that occurs, via legal recourse, a business could be viewed as causing itself to possess an unfair advantage. That is a subtle semantic idea, as it isn’t a very ‘fair’ system to start with. But during some point, overwhelming abuse of the system could indeed, be deemed ‘too’ unfair.


 That brings me to the reason for writing this post. I have seen this particular business for too long in how they say they provide excellent services to their clients. In fact, much of what they conduct actually is excellent. However they have consistently discovered ways of unnaturally manipulating the playing field–to the place in which they’ve crossed the unfair competitive advantage line.

 I am not going into detail concerning how I found this particular scheme. My particular forensic skill, after all, is one that I cherish and that assists me in continuing to gain a few big customer opportunities, nor do I want to confess my methods just to have somebody come around and discover new methods of hiding their antics from me and, consequently, hampering my capability of doing competitive analysis…

 I am very confident that only by seeing the one piece of evidence below, if you’ve had any skin in this search game, you’ll know instantly, immediately, and without any doubt that my view, belief and assumptions are accurate.

 Here is evidence that worse than any other business, this one really takes the cake for their link schemes… So, click on this link, assess the proof, and return and hear my final words.

 I wrote this post partially to mock the craziness which has recently gone on in the debate over what is wrong, what is right, who must be blamed, who’s innocent, or whether individuals who out other people are doing evil or good. And yet, as you stop long enough to consider it, how it is that this company conducts what they do, you will see that in business, all of us serve several masters, and occasionally as serving several masters, we run into issues ourselves. Consciously or not.

 In creating this post, I don’t want to suggest that I do not or do condone any certain behavior outside of what it is I already am well-known to be accepting of as well as what I am well-known to deplore. I just wrote it to make the point concerning how complicated the problem ultimately is.

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