Construction of Search Engine-Friendly Web Pages – Part 1

It is important that you have a search engine friendly site prior to being concerned so much about possessing a search engine optimized website. I wish to expand on this point here, as well as examine what will make up search engine friendly pages.

Solid URL

The majority of people will debate about the value of utilizing with keywords in the domain name as well as if that is going to make any difference whatsoever in the rank algorithms. Whether it is a little or a lot, I think the complete optimization process is mostly about performing a lot of ‘not much.’ Search engine optimization often is a sequence of tiny steps which collectively get you nearer to your objective.

Outside of utilizing keywords within your domain name, there is actually not a ton you could do to ‘optimize’ it. If possible, the ideal thing to do is be certain your keywords are within your business name as well as secure that URL. Doing this is going to assure that anybody linking to you with your business name is going to utilize your keywords within the link.

You also can make certain to utilize a good keyword-robust URL architecture for sub-folders and folders. It could provide search engines a thought of page content prior to even indexing every page, and assist them in grouping associated content with each other.

Effective Meta Tags and Title Tags

In order to possess search engine friendly Meta description tags and title tags, they have to meet 2 criteria:

  • They’re present
  • They’re unique

Optimizing them will be critical. But, if your website is live online, even if it isn’t optimized, you must be certain to have unique Meta descriptions and title tags on each page. Do this first, optimize later.

Being certain to have unique title tags upon each page sounds as if it’s a no-brainer, yet you’d be shocked at how often websites are missing those two important components.

There isn’t any excuse for a Web developer to understand so little concerning constructing websites that she or he does not offer a place for unique Meta descriptions and title tags on your website. If your website does not possess that functionality, or it isn’t a function your developers could immediately add, locate a new developer!

Decrease Code Bloat

Most developers utilize programs to construct sites which permit you to visually develop the page, chop up the code. A few do a great job of decreasing the code bloat, yet it is never 100%. The majority of ‘professional’ designers unfortunately do not even understand enough concerning code to mend the code bloat those programs create.

Decreasing code bloat upon your website cuts down upon page download time that is one of the signs search engines utilize while assessing a page. By making download speeds faster, search engines have the ability to index more pages of your website for ranking within the search results. It additionally makes a user experience a lot better, that raises conversion rates.

Part 2 continued.

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