How to Rank a New Website Higher Than an Old Website – Part 1

Many individuals will debate that the older website will rank higher than a newer website. That is possibly true. However, in this instance, it may be due to the age of the domain being the sole factor which is different than the two.

 Yet the newer website can out rank the older website merely due to it getting all of the proper SEO factors in place quicker. Here is what is really occurring. The older websites have merely conducted the proper things over time.

 Excellent domain names: Websites which have been about longer had the ability to choose excellent domain names due to there being less competition amongst them, names such as,, or

 Exact match domain name: Like the example above, the older websites could cherry pick their domain with exact matches. It’s a fact for brand names, as well, such as or Today, new businesses must think of domain names as they’re considering a business name to check if it’s available. It typically causes a few obscure words such as

 Short domain: In earlier days all the short names were obtainable therefore it was simple to get, or But, although older sites possessed these advantages, these factors, while crucial, are not the reason these domains are ranking so very high. The reason they’re ranking high is that they’re doing the proper things…and you can do them too!

They Have Constructed Newsworthy Brands

 Firstly, it is most likely a domain which has been about for numerous years not being idle during all of that time…indeed, they have been extremely busy constructing a strong brand:

  • They have developed an appealing work culture which obtains a bit of press each year due to it ending up in the ‘Ideal Place to Work’ list.
  • Every year they introduce the most awesome products money could buy…and these products obtain excellent ratings with consumer review publishers.
  • The business sponsors or hosts a festival or competition each year associated with their field for the past ten.
  • The CEO repeatedly is conducting crazy stunts which gain him occasionally a front page scoop with a major paper.

 What these businesses, in effect, have done is developed a brand which individuals recognize easily. Plus, every time it is mentioned inside the press…it’ll receive links from high-authority websites.

 Google, naturally, is looking at the value of these links, social signals, press mention, and so on and believe this domain is extremely relevant as it’ll come to search queries that are relevant. For sure it’ll rank better than a newer website which lacks all those attributes. Therefore what it all boils down to will be that if you wish to make the newer website rank higher than the older, more established websites, you have to do what they have done.

 Only quicker.

 It is as if you need to be great at disciplines such as publicity, public relations, advertising, networking and marketing. Sheer search engine optimization by itself will not get the duty done. It’s why a website such as Huffington Post seems as if it exploded over night…

 Perhaps you do not have the connections or money of an Arianna Huffington…yet this does not matter. You only must employ a few of these strategies.

 Part 2 of this post to be continued… stay tuned.

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