How to Rank a New Website Higher Than an Old Website – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 of this post.

 Create Killer Product

 The initial task upon your To-Do list for overcoming the competition inside the rankings includes building a better product. If your product is not good, it does not matter how much SEO or publicity you do…it’ll back fire.

 Take Instagram as one example of a killer product. Browse the words ‘photo sharing app’ and here include the results seen:

Instagram includes one new player inside the game. There will include older players such as Hipstimatic. However, due to Instagram building a killer product, eventually it got bought out by Facebook that’s driving all these results.

Yet even prior to its popularity being accelerated by all of the press mentions and rapidly expanding adoption rate, Instagram was a classic example of one domain performing all of the proper things in a fast way.

 Develop Excellent Content

 You’d think with such a massive company such as Intuit that an entrepreneur would be insane to attempt to enter the personal monetary space…

 However that is precisely what did.

 Now it is vital that you realize that they constructed a superb product, yet they may have stayed in the dark if it hadn’t been for their bold content marketing plan.

 Day to day, Mint published and produced outstanding content about personal finance upon their blog which attracted traffic, links and attention. It was not before too long that they began to dominate the Internet personal finance ranks.

 Here is what you should do:

  • Employ the proper contributors, writers and editors.
  • Insist on quality illustrations and writing.
  • Aggressively share content around the social web.
  • Become patient as you build an audience.

 Develop Infographics

Magazine space is an additional field you’d think an entrepreneur out of her or his mind to try to enter with yet an additional magazine. Conde Nast is the dominator of this space, right?

 However, Good magazine was not deterred due to them realizing they could develop an exceptional product for a profitable niche which was not being served.

 But, bringing media attention to a magazine about eco-friendly issues was challenging until they struck gold using their infographics.

 Their infographics were not just new and unique…yet they were challenging and bold…bringing attention to a few popular topics such as transparency, greed, and selfishness which negatively has an impact on environmental issues.

If you wish to develop an infographic, follow the following 5 measures:

  • Create a skeleton of words and arrows.
  • Assign the proper amount of colors.
  • Select wisely how you utilize both types of graphics…references and themes.
  • Compose lots of intriguing facts.
  • Turn these facts into knowledge.

Part 3 of this post coming soon. Stay tuned.

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