How to Rank a New Website Higher Than an Old Website – Part 3

Continuation from Part 1 and 2 of this post.

Develop Unique Value Proposition

 Do you wish to develop a unique value proposition? Try this:

  • Research competitors and discover where product gaps are.
  • Keep eyes open to issues worldwide which require answers.
  • Combine two various concepts with each other and discover how to make them lucrative.

 Develop Momentum with Network

Scott Harrison did not have much competition inside the non-profit industry he attempted to aid as he introduced charity:water…yet that does not mean he had the ability to dominate.

 As it’ll come to non-profit projects everybody understands that possessing enough money is your #1 issue from beginning to end. Plus, many non-profits have trouble for years prior to them being able to gain credibility, donations and publicity.

 However Scott, who was a prior promoter for fashion events and night clubs, tapped inside his network and raised a lot of cash. More importantly, he has the ability to utilize this same network to gain lots of media attention for his charity.

 What to Do When the Dust Settles

 Consistently remaining in the media’s eye is impossible…therefore ultimately all of the attention will wear off. Does this mean you’ll slip back in rankings?

 This depends.

 If you ceased in doing the things which attracted all of the links and popularity, you naturally might fall in rankings. You’ll wish to keep a solid stream of content going up in order for you to get crawled frequently, getting constant links.

 Therefore, as it’ll come to links, what must you search for as it’ll come to your plan for link building?

 Authority websites: They could be as established and old as (1997) Drudge Report, (1995) by Jakob Neilson or (1995) CNN or as new as (2005) Huffington Post, (2005) Mashable or (2011) The Verge.

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