New Link Building: Social Shares – Part 1

Here is the deal upon how social shares can influence your link building, and where chances are available to successfully promote your brand:

 Goal 1 – Raise Overall Share

 Even though it is considered to be pretty much a soft signal, there will include a few reports from Bing and Google that the overall amount of social shares your information gets on Facebook, G+ and Twitter is utilized to exhibit social authority.

 Utilizing the social signals metric as the indicator of authority obviously possesses its limits. It is simple to game the system by buying followers or incentivizing social sharing using a method which will go against Google’s advice for link building. Though, right now, it is not clear how efficiently Google and the additional search engines could differentiate bought shares from legitimate signals. But, if they cannot yet, it is likely they will have the ability to do so soon.

 Due to this, it is not a good thought to go out and buy social signals. Even if they lead to a short-run improvement in rank, chances are they will be devalued during some point in future times, causing wasted money and time.

 It is a much better idea, for this reason, to encourage social sharing of your information utilizing social plugins and calls to action, yet to concentrate naturally on building momentum. To perform this, make certain your site’s blog uses tools such as ShareThis or Digg permitting users to rapidly spread your content around their beloved social network websites.

 Goal 2 – Raise Perceived Authority

 One benefit of social network websites includes the method in which they break down barriers of communication as well as allow you to reach out easily and link with new audiences who might share your links. Utilizing social network websites to raise your perceived authority, for this reason, is as valuable as trying to raise the amount of times your information is shared.

 Besides confirming that social signals will play a portion in the search engine results pages rank algorithms, Bing and Google also have reported that the relative authority of the user will factor in to how heavily those signals are weighted.

Proof of this assertion comes from one Dec. 2010 interview of Bing and Google reps. In response to this question, ‘Do you calculate if a link ought to carry more weight depending upon the individual who tweets it?’ the reps answered:

 From Bing: ‘Yes.’

From Google: ‘Yes we utilize this as a signal, particularly within the Top links segment (of the Realtime Search on Google). The author’s authority will be independent of Page Ranking, yet it’s presently just utilized in limited circumstances in regular Internet search.’

 Being considered an authority figure upon trending social network sites provides numerous advantages. Not just will your amount of social shares rise as your overall follower count rise (as individuals generally are more likely to share information from leaders in the industry they admire), the mere truth that you look to be a leader reflects within the extra weight provided to your social signals.

 Goal 3 to be continued.

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