New Link Building: Social Shares – Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

 Goal 3 – Link with Authority Users

 If amongst the biggest benefits to social networking includes the low communication barriers which permit you to reach out as well as link to prospective new followers, it’ll stand to reason that this circumstance could be manipulated within the opposite direction, too. By linking with additional authority users upon social network sites as well as getting them to share your information with their followers, you can multiply the effect further.

 According to search engine optimization specialist Eric Enge, writer for Search Engine Watch:

 ‘There are multiple reasons to be engaged in social media, involving the ones which go beyond search engine optimization. You could obtain substantial direct traffic, obtain branding value, gain exposure to your targeted audience, and much more. But, getting an authoritative individual in your arena to share your information probably will be a huge win, and it’s a great objective for your social media campaign.

 You probably, of course, already possess a thought of how successful you will be merely dropping an authority user one line and asking her or him to share your information without building a relationship up first. Those authority users are very busy and their reputations will be on the line with each status update or tweet posted. However, while they might be picky concerning the content they select to share, it should not discourage you from pursuing those valuable chances.

 Rather, take these measures in increasing your likelihood of getting an industry authority figure to share your information with his followers:

 Identify the authority users: In order to start this process, you will have to identify some potential authority users so you can connect with them. Bear in mind that not every thought leader is a great match for your business model or audience therefore be on the lookout for participants viewed as authorities upon the certain subjects around which you wish to build up your very own perceived value.

 Build up relationships gradually: The ideal method of catching an authority figure’s eye includes promoting his information. You can share posts from his blog to your audience, retweet his content on Twitter and do your best to build up visitors to his site ahead of yours. You also can start to encourage a relationship by leaving thoughtful comments or responding to social network website posts within a way which complements this authority figure whilst still asserting your very own experience within your niche.

 Reach out as chances to benefit both parties come up: Do not expect your selected authority figure to merely share your information unless there is a substantial value for his audience, too.

 As with every one of the strategies talked about for improving your results on social media, building up relationships with authority figures to get them to share your information will take time. But, the immediate surge of visitors and extra overall perceived authority likely will make your efforts within this realm well worth the time you invested!

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