Seven Deep Linking Tactics – Part 1

Many individuals who work on the Internet…whether they’re Web content strategists or veteran SEOs…understand about deep linking. They know that it concerns linking internal pages. You will link internal pages to additional internal pages…and you get additional websites to link to those internal pages.

However, few of them really comprehend the enhanced tactics of deep linking which decrease traffic bounce rate whilst improving time on site, page views, and also subscriber numbers. Let us do a fast inbound link audit upon your website.

Prior to us get beginning, here is a test. Visit SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer tool then type in your domain address inside the box. Tap enter then click ‘Top Pages’ button. Next, calculate the amount of inbound links to the home page vs. inbound links to every additional page on your website.

If you possess a ratio of 3:1 or higher… that is, if 3 times as many links hit the home page as they hit all other pages in your website… you possibly possess a very high bounce rate. What this means is individuals aren’t hitting internal pages. They aren’t getting the relevant content wanted…therefore they abandon the page!

From the beginning of any search engine optimization plan for a website you ought to possess as an objective a ratio of three times more inbound links than the home page.

Three Reasons to Deep Link

One reason to deep link, like discussed above, is that it’ll enhance the user’s experience. Sending users to a deep page probably will better relate to her or his objectives than sending them to the home page. Let us examine 3 additional reasons:

Increase the authority of the whole website: If all you performed was optimizing and sending visitors to the home page, you may possess a home page that has a high authority rank…yet the remainder of your pages possessed no or little authority. When search engines glanced at your whole website then those bad-authority pages were bringing down the home pages authority ranking, as well. Looking at it in a positive light, deep linking could assist you in increasing your whole website’s authority.

Raise your website’s total relevancy: Because you do not…nor could you…optimize the home page for each keyword, you have to utilize internal pages. As the pages you publish have those keywords within the Meta data as well as the body copy, search engines are going to crawl then index your page based on that keyword. In other terms, due to the keyword being relevant to the page and you have linked to it with a keyword-robust anchor text from an additional page, Google considers it an authority…and ranks it high.

Raise your website’s total visibility: Larger websites suffer from an overabundance of pages not getting indexed due to their sheer size. It’s where great navigational skills such as deep linking will come into play. Those deep links from your website and additional websites…will assist search engines in following the path through your website to those concealed pages…then making them visible by indexing the pages.

Now that we have explored 3 great reasons for deep linking, let us examine a few tactics.

Tactics to be continued in Part 2.

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