Three Post-Penguin Internet Marketing Ideas for Small Companies – (Part 2)

Tip #1 can be found in Part 1 of this article.

Tip 2: Create Long-Run Content Strategy

As it’ll come to Internet marketing, your site is going to fail if you aren’t offering valuable content upon a consistent basis. It is that simple. Penguin and Panda updates alike rewarded sites which produced high quality information for their users. You can’t go wrong while providing helpful content.

Blogging is mandatory! But, I’ve seen too many businesses which did possess a blog page upon their website; however, as you clicked it you realized their most recent article is more than six months old. No good. At the very least, you ought to be blogging one time per week. If the traffic increases and the audience are receptive to the information, think about boosting the frequency to a few times per week or daily. There isn’t secret formula as it’ll come to blogging frequency; it is about A/B testing. Assess the numbers then adjust accordingly.

Outsourcing the creation of content to India for ten bucks an article isn’t a great solution either and might really hurt your business’ reputation. If it was actually probable to gain quality content for this cheap, everybody would be doing this! It’ll take effort and time to produce quality articles, yet it is worth it all in the end. Quality articles will get Tweeted, Liked, and +1′d, providing you extensive SEO and visibility benefits. 

Tip 3: Socialize

Have you seen the number of changes and updates which Google+ underwent in the last few months? This, by itself, ought to have given you a hint that social includes a huge portion of Google’s future preparations.

How much will it cost to establish a Google+ business page, Facebook fan page and Twitter account? Zero. That is the beauty of SMM (Social Media Marketing). You could begin with no money. But, let us be truthful: if you wish to take it to the following level, you’ll more than likely need to place your hands inside your pocket.

Depending upon the nature of the business and target audience, you ought to be present upon a minimum of two or three major networks.

Being social does not only mean opening accounts. It’ll mean placing up the efforts to expand and engage fans over the long run. Here include some social media marketing ideas which could assist you in building traction:

Think about Social Advertising: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube all possess their self-serve ad platforms. The beauty of their ad models is that you possess a number of targeting options. For instance, upon Facebook Ads, it’s possible to target users by, interests, marital status, sex, age, location and much more! 

Launch Giveaways/Contests: It isn’t any secret that individuals love freebies and contests. If you wish to make fans feel appreciated and special, think about launching a few giveaways, quizzes, or contests every now and then. 

Share Helpful Content on a Daily Basis: It is nice to share your articles, blog posts, and business updates, yet your shared content does not always need to be your own!  Indeed, it eventually will hurt you to be overly self-promotional.

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