Top Ten Ranking Factors for Local Company Listings on Google Places

What’s Google Places?

 In Google, local business listings are extremely important. If you perform a local search that involves a local service, city, town, or place, Google displays the local business box. That is how vital Google believes local search results are.

 Here include the top ten factors which decide your Google Places ranking – from the least important to the most important:

 #10 – Add Coupons

 The search engine Google wishes to view more interactivity with their Google Places segment to individuals who keep returning. By adding coupons, it’ll add value to the user experience as well as assists with your rankings.

 #9 – Proximity of business

 This used to be extremely important, yet from my own experience, it isn’t as vital as it used to be. You still require an address inside the city you wish to optimize for.

 #8 – Add photos

 Add photos of your staff, products, and business. Be certain you name the files suitably in order for Google to understand what the titles concern.

 #7 – Add video

 Google adores videos and they’ve made it extremely simple to add your videos. If your profile doesn’t involve videos yet – what’re you doing?

 #6 – Add reviews

 Don’t add phony reviews. Assist the process of gaining reviews by asking your satisfied customers to add reviews. Ask them to add keywords you’re targeting.

 #5 – Organic Ranking

 Your rank for your selected words within the organic search results has an indirect influence to the local business listing. Attempt to optimize your website for a great ranking within the search engine result pages.

 #4- Contacts information upon your own website

 It’s oftentimes an overlooked factor – be certain your site possesses your contact information including your phone number, address and business name. Place it on each page, if you can.

 #3 – 100% complete

 As you edit your profile page, Google gives you a completion rate. In order to gain the top ranking, it has to be 100%.

 #2 – Claim your listing

 You have to claim your listing. In claiming your listing, it’s possible to make edits to the profile page and add more data concerning your business. Google wishes for you to do this and be certain that it’s updated.

 #1 – Citations

 You wish to add your contact details and business name to all of the business directories and sites which you ought to be listed on. Any website or directory which is associated with your industry and location has to have your details listed there. Most directories permit you to add the business by completing a form. In order to get added to industry associated sites, you might have to make a few calls or send a few emails. With some effort, you’ll obtain numerous citations which will influence your business listings rank.

 While adding citations for the business, they don’t have to include your site. The phone number, address and business name has to be exactly the same every place. If you locate a page on the Web that has inaccurate details, you have to get the details fixed otherwise it’ll harm your rankings.

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