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Website Redesign ServicesFollowing these simplistic measures can assist in improving the instant impact upon search results for a brand new site, and assist in avoiding the oftentimes substantial decrease in search visitors following a site being re-launched.

Site owners oftentimes wait until after the website is launched and redesigned prior to getting a search engine optimization specialist involved. This can, unfortunately, lead to costly site design alterations which could’ve easily been implemented within the design process. Occasionally, it is impossible or difficult to fix problems after a site being launched without rebuilding the website again.

Additionally, visitors from search engines could be seriously decreased for months following a website being launched and redesigned. The impact could be minimized by taking the right measures within the process of redesign. Here are eight SEO measures to consider within a site redesign.

1) Search Engine Website Audit

If you own an existing site, think about conducting some level of a website evaluation or more extended audit upon it. Within a website audit, a search engine optimization agency or consultant assesses the present site to search for issues with the website design or additional limits which may impede organic results, in order for the issues to become addressed within the design of the brand new website.

2) Design Assessments to Create a Search Engine-Friendly Site

Within the website design, a search engine optimization expert ought to assess storyboards and wireframes, website prototypes or development test websites at different phases within the development and design process to assure search engine friendless.

3) Deciding Vital Keyword Phrases

It is extremely useful to gain an understanding of what the vital keyword phrases are for your site during the design process. The understanding could derive from these sources:

  • Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Website Reports/Analytics
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Keyword Research

4) Utilize Vital Keyword Phrases within the Website Design

As you have decided the vital keywords for your website, as well as the approximate amount of individuals searching on them within the major search engines from inside the region you cover, here is how to utilize the information:

Are an adequate amount of individuals searching upon your targeted keyword phrases? If it has not already been decided within the past, utilize the keyword data to assist you in estimating if there are an adequate amount of individuals searching inside your anticipated region to indicate if search marketing may be a vital marketing channel for you.

Do you have to add content to your website? You must think about adding content to your website to better concentrate upon critical keyword phrases if necessary.

Optimize pages for targeted keywords: It might make sense to optimize many website pages within the process of website development, for the ideal opportunity of appearing within search results for your critical keywords as the website is launched.

Create relevant tags: Create a brief list of keywords to concentrate on. Utilize these to create the critical tags, like HTML Page Title tags, as well as Meta Description tags for the majority (if not every one of) the pages, ideally prior to the website being launched.

5) Create the Linking and Navigation Structure

As you have decided the content for the website, you could create a navigational structure allowing website visitors to navigate easily through the website.

Consider organizing your website around vital keyword themes that could assist in improving search engine ranks.

6) Decide What Pages Bring Visitors to Live Website for Vital Keyword Phrases

Utilizing a blend of site analytics, manual searches, or Google’s Webmaster Tools, decide what pages on your present site are appearing close to the tip of search engine results.

Decide if these are bringing substantial visitors for the keywords which are crucial to your site, and whether it’s traffic that converts and is engaged.

7) Assess Incoming Links to Website from Additional Sites

Decide which links to your website from additional webpages upon the Web are bringing target visitors to the website, and what links especially might be assisting the pages of your site in reaching higher positions within Google’s results.

8) Assure That Effective 404 Error Pages are Established Prior to Launch

Do not forget to establish an efficient customized page not found error page (a 404 error page) prior to launching your redesigned website. It’s important to have in place as your website is re-launched due to most individuals might be clicking search results which link to pages upon the website which have just been deleted or moved.

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